Saturday, March 14, 2009

Haq Tun Pak Tun - Recited by Daulatkhanu Akbar Samji

'Al-Aliyy' is one of the ninety-nine Names of Allah which means, 'The Exalted Lord'. In this short Ginan, Pir Shams praises Almighty Allah, The Exalted Lord, with a deep feeling of awe and reverence. As he sings the praise of Allah, he submits himself before his Exalted Lord, Who is above all praise, and says most humbly, 'I am Your servant, O Exalted Lord!'


Haq Tun Pak Tun Badshah
You are the Truth, You are the Holy, The King

Maheraban Bhi Ya Ali Tunhi Tun
You are also Gracious, O Exalted Lord

Rab Tun Raheman Tun
You are the Sustainer, You are the Merciful

(Ya) Ali Aval Akhar Qaji Tunhi Tun
You are the First and the Last Judge, O Exalted Lord!

Te Upaya Te Nipaya
You have originated, You have created

Sirajanhar Bhi Ali Tunhi Tun
You are the Creator, O Exalted Lord!

Jal thal Mool Mandan-Harana
On water, land and the universe

(Ya) Ali Hukam Tera Bhi (Ali) Tunhi Tun
Your command prevails

Teri Dostime Bolya Pir Shams
In your friendship, Pir Shams says:

May Banda Tera Ya Ali Tunhi Tun
'I am Your servant, O Exalted Lord

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