Monday, January 12, 2009


I've set this site up as a resource for those interested in learning the recitation of ginans. I am sure that I will be relying on many people to help make this a rich and useful place for reciters of ginan.

I hope to include the text, transliteration, translation, discussion of the meaning and actual recitation of each ginan being presented.

To start with I plan to present ginans that I can perform myself that are easy to recite and find information on, as a demonstration to others. I cannot claim to be an expert, of course. But I hope to communicate my enthusiasm and respect for this treasured form of creative expression and knowledge, an inspired gift to humankind from the Pirs, a mercy from Allah.

Inshallah, others, better able to sing, translate and explain this precious resource, will contribute and make this place ever more useful to those who wish to learn and enjoy ginans.

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